Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Invite you to check out my new website by clicking on the link. I have done a complete revamp of the old site and I've tried to include more items of interest. Including an opportunity to solve "A Murder in Rome", you'll find the link on the 'Perusia' web page.

Any comments or suggestions for improvement will be appreciated. You can either leave an anonymous comment here or simply click on "Contact" in the Menu Bar of the website and send me an email message.

I hope you enjoy the site

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just released
A new novel, a change of pace that I refer to as 'speculative fiction'. Just suppose that someone invented a device that would end the worls'd dependency on hydrocarbons. And just suppose that this energy was unlimited and free.

How might that change the world? Would that change be for the better? The answer seems obvious, but is it? The Helios is available to buy as an eBook from Kindle or from Smashwords for non Kindle users.The printed version is available from 
Go to my website and watch the Book Trailer and read a sample.